About Us

Who We Are

Founded in Noosa Australia, we started our business with a small stand showcasing pearl jewelry made by local designers at the Eumundi Markets.

20 years later we continue to travel the world for unique and genuine pearls to be designed by our jewelers in Noosa. We are family owned and operated in Noosa, Australia.

Our Pearls

Our founders Corinne and David hand select pearls from around the world; Australian, Tahitian, Japanese and Chinese pearls. We buy and sell cultivated premium freshwater pearls, as well as top of the line south sea pearls. 

Corinne’s foundation for the business has always been to select premium quality pearls at an accessible price. We guarantee and are happy to authenticate with a certificate all our jewelry upon request.  

Our Designs

All of our materials are genuine gold and silver using only natural stones. We do not sell plated or man made stones.

Locally Made

Since the beginning, it has been our mission to support local industry and craftsmanship. We work with a range of jewelers to create one of a kind pieces. 

David Parker

Our founding partner, David is an artist and jewelry designer. His pieces are hand made and cast in our workshop.

Jake Martin

Our son Jake was trained by our principal jeweler David Shaw. He works in silver and gold, specializing in our on-going range of rings, pendants and fine jewelry.

David Shaw

Our principal jeweler and the master of our one of a kind ring designs. He began his career in Broome, Australia and specializes in pearl jewels. His unique craftsmanship is perfect for pieces that can be handed down through generations.

Steve Rice

Steve specializes in one of a kind ring designs, often using diamonds and unique gemstones in his pieces. He is an Australian award winning jeweler.

We love to collaborate if you’d like a custom design read more about that here